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Bosch Front Load Washing Machine WAT28469IN

The washing machine with Speed+ reduces wash cycles by up to 65%, while achieving the same perfect cleaning results.

  • Speed+:                         Complete wash cycles up to 60                                           minutes with pristine cleaning                                             results
  • Eco+/Eco++:                  Reduces your power                                                           consumption by upto 50% 
  • EcoSilence Drive™ friction-free motor minimises heat and wear for long-lasting performance, quiet operation and perfect wash results.
  • ActiveWater™ technology reduces the amount of water used for more cost savings
  • VarioDrum's breakthrough wave-droplet design provides a thorough yet gentle clean for fine textiles
  • Technical Information
  • Capacity:                                8 kg
  • Maximum Spin Speed:          1400 rpm
  • Dimensions (H X W X D):      84.8 x 59.8 x 59 cm
  • 32 cm porthole, 165º swing door
Rs.45999.00 Rs.46999.00

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