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Luminous Battery INVERLAST - IL 16039FP

Product rangeInverlastCapacity135 AhTechnologyFlat PlateWarranty (in months)* - Inclusive of Prorata21months + 18 months*Nominal Voltage12VSupported UPS (VA rating)300 VA - 600 VADry weight (±5% Kg)27Filled weight (±5% Kg)39.7Dimensions  

Length (±3 mm)-505


Width (±3 mm)-220


Height upto terminal (±3 mm)-246


Height upto float top (±3 mm)-277

Backup Time (in hrs and min)

At 100W-12:00

At 200W-5:00

At 300W-3:00

At 400W-2:10

At 500W-1:30

Rs.9999.00 Rs.14390.00

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